Best remake: Final Fantasy VII

If you are not the kind of person that enjoys remakes about your favorite videogame, then you are in for quite a ride. The remark version of Final Fantasy is considered to be one of the best remake versions that were ever developed within the gaming industry. The remake is an absolutely fascinating video game and something that any true gamer must at least give a shot too.

The remark version of Final Fantasy is a role-playing action game (RPG), which has been both developed and published by the game studio Square Enix. The game was released for the console PlayStation 4. The remark has been performed on the classic 1997 version of the classic game “Final Fantasy VII.”

It has already been a month since the remake of Final Fantasy has been done, and the game has already been an overwhelming success. During its first week since release, Final Fantasy VII’s release was the best selling retail game within Japan. The game was also a top-selling one within North America, and it was the most downloaded game in the US, which is no mean feat. Apparently, the game is forecasted to be the third best-selling release of 2020. We strongly recommend that you try out, or you do not even know what you are missing.

This remake of Final Fantasy VII is the result of splinting the classic game into several different games. Once the remake has been completed, another installment in the well-known, critically acclaimed series, Final Fantasy, is going to appear. In fact, according to a statement made by Tetsuya Nomura, the director in charge of its release, a new installment in the Final Fantasy is already being produced.

This remake is centered on dystopia in our present time. The game revolves around Shinra, which is an electricity company that transports life force from Earth and transforms it into energy for various uses.