Best PS4 Emulators and Why You Should Not Get One

We all know how popular PlayStation 4 is – it’s the most popular one out there. And we can all see why, through its reputation and through its exclusive titles, like Persona 5, God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn. All of these games are excellent for PS4, but some gamers would like to be able to play them on their PC, as well. And because of that, the internet is full about PS4 emulators, which claim that they are able to give players what they what: the PS4 title on their computer.

If you search them on the internet, you will see a lot of results, and the most popular one is PCSX4. The site claims that the emulator works with plenty of games and that it works for both laptops and PCs. PS4emus is the next one in line, which claims the same thing.

But is it all just a lie?

These promises all sound too good to be true, and those are all just lies. There’s only one real emulator, and that’s Orbital, but it’s still its initial stages. The emulators on the internet use a lot of tools bound to trick you. Others from the internet fool customers to pay for a program that simply does not work or that is filled with malware. We are not sure how we’re feeling about this since all of these fakes will ruin the reputation of the real ones. For those of you who want to play these games on the PC, we have sad news: you will have to wait a lot of time, but at least you know that it’s the real deal. But if you want to pay for this kind of service, we come with a solution.

PlayStation Now is a streaming service that’s coming from Sony. You will have to pay a monthly fee, but you can enjoy hundreds of video games, including those coming from PS4, PS3, and PS2. The most affordable deal is a 12-month pack for only $99.