Best Incoming RPG: Doom Eternal

Many gamers have been playing Doom 2016 with quite a passion. If you find yourself to be in this category, then you will definitely be excited by what is coming next in the industry. The 2020 version of Doom is expected to come out quite soon. This version is going to have quite a lot of similarities with Doom 2 Doom 2016. As it was expected, the Doom 2020 is going to be a first-person shooter video game. The game will be the fifth installment in this classic video game series. The developers of the game are going to be id software and the game developing company, Bethesda.

Originally, Doom 2020 was supposed to release on March 20 of this year. The game even made it to the reviews and received “generally favorable” feedback from game critics who got the chance to play it, being received quite well overall, as it was the sixth best selling game in North America in 2020, which is no mean feat. Doom 2020 is dedicated to id programmer Stephen Ash, who, unfortunately, passed away during the development of Doom 2020 in 2019. Doom 2020 will be available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Window.

Much like the award-winning game Doom 2016, Doo 2020 will keep on going with the storyline. For now, demons have completely taken over our home planet. Players will have the opportunity to advance the game until they become one of two things. They can either become God or a so-called killer of Gods. For example, Doom 2020 has a quest where you need to kill three witches from space. What a combination that is! After that is dealt with, the player will be taken from Earth to Mars, which has been ravaged by space demons.