Best Clash of Clans 3-Star Clan War Strategies

The game is famous for its Clan War attacks, so a lot of thinking and strategies are needed. If you want to have a 3-Star victory on your attacks, we will present you with some strategies and tips for that. Also, before a good attack, you must plan, strategize, and scout the adversary. Don’t use spam when you are attacking, and take note to use a surgical strike for more power to your troop.

Clan Wars Attacks Strategies

One of the strategies on an excellent 3-Star is the Mass Dragons, the oldest and the surest to use for wine. You must do some things correctly, such as dealing with the Air defenses, funneling your Dragons, and then clean up. All of them are important and related. The air defenses must be correct; otherwise, your dragons will die. After that, the funneling won’t take place, nor is the cleaning up. You must use two Lightning Spells and 1 Earthquake Spell for destroying your enemies Air defense, then put your dragons into action. Use the balloons too, and drop a Rage and a Haste Spell.

Another strategy is the GoBoWi with upgraded Bowlers and Witches for your use. With this strategy, you will build the funnel outside using Golems and Witches, and after that, you send your Heroes and Bowlers into the core. The trick is to attack from the flat side, go for the Eagle Artillery first time, and don’t you think to attack two Inferno Towers at once. Your army must be composed of one Golem and another Golem in your Clan Castle; you will need ten Witches, fifteen Bowlers, one Poison spell, and three Jumps spells. Also, you require two Rage spells and a Heal spell.

Finally, the Queen Charge Hog Rider is another strategy that can give you 3-Star in the Clan War. What you have to do is to send five Healers with the Archer Queen first. Also, use your Grand Warden and Wall Breakers for cleaning the base. After the cleaning is done, you will send your Hog Rider to help the troops stay alive and do the rest of the job. Take note that you must keep your Queen alive, so use the Grand Wardens for that. If the L shape appears in the base, now the rest of the troops can enter.