Best 5 Offline Zombie Games Available to Play in 2020

Offline Zombie games have an amazing impact on the attention of the gamer and its emotions. These games teach people about survival, and how sometimes it is good to take risks. We are here to tell you which are the best five offline zombie games.

The Walking Dead The Telltale Definitive Series

When it comes to zombies, The Walking Dead is the first thing that comes in mine. And it is normal, and the game has been a success, the tv show as well. The plot is about survival, and it comes with an amazing story. It’s a zombie shooter game. The game comes with different versions, and you can get different characters with app-purchases. You can get the free versions online for PC, as well.

You can download Walking Dead 1 & 2 from the Google Play Store. Keep in mind that ‘Michonne’ has been removed in some locations.

You need 32 GB of internal storage in order to play this game.

Into the Dead 2

This one comes with amazing FHD graphics and a quite interesting story. You need to save your family as you go through the zombie apocalypse, you will have to make the most out of different weapons in order to survive. Survival will be challenging.

The latest update comes with the Puma companion, and with Hunter’s Call ability. There are also new festive weapon skins that you can use to customize your arsenal. You can get it for free on the Apple Store and Google Play. The game has 1.3GB.

Prey Day: Survival

This is one of the best zombie games of 2020 for both Android and iOS. It’s a role-playing game played offline. The action takes place in an apocalyptic world. There’s an unknown virus that destroyed the bigger part of the population, leaving only a few survivors. Most people got turned into zombies or mutated because of the virus. Survivors need to find shelter and find the cause of the infection.

The game is quite difficult to survive. People have different goals than you and different methods of survival. Make sure you save the world from the virus.

The Walking Zombie 2

This one is a survival RPG and first-person shooter game in an open world. Improvements are at their best right now.

The game has a lot of quests, and you can use weapons to shoot stuff. You are fighting against zombies, who are in control of the world. They are literally everywhere, in many forms and kinds, and they are in a huge number. You will make the most out of guns with different ammo, grenades, and everything else you find to destroy them. You will also need to heal yourself with food and medkits. As you complete more quests, you also become stronger.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect, part one and part two have the best graphics for mobile, and thanks to Nvidia, they made the game available offline, so you won’t need to use your data. You can get it for free.

Dead Effect 2 has console-quality graphics, you’ll see amazing characters, plots, and you’ll have to do special missions. It is an upgraded version of the first update, and it comes with controller support for Android and iOS devices. Keep in mind that the campaign gaming is over 20 hours if you decide to play the game all day. It supports only smartphones with good processors and RAM. The 1GB smartphone will be able to display the game, but at the lowest graphics settings, and there might be fewer glitches.