Baldur’s Gate Gets an Amazing New Demo

There is a lot of excitement in the gaming community right now and it is all because of Baldur’s Gate 3. We are seeing much more from the game and it finally feels like it is starting to from. The developers have already showed us how tadpoles, skill checks and attacks of opportunity work. Baldur’s Gate, which really gives off a Dungeons and Dragons vibe, is hopefully coming to early access in August, but the gameplay can be watched in the demo that was made available from the D&D Live 2020’s livestream.

The demo is almost 90-minutes long and it is full of combat and quests that prove how different Baldur’s Gate 3 is from older games in the series, such as Larian’s Divinity 2. Combat is still organized in a turn-based manner, just like in Divinity, but abilities appear to have more to do with the Fifth Edition rules of Dungeons and Dragons.

Multiple neutral actions can be used to perform tasks such as interaction and navigation, such as a jump command. Recently, Andy shared his impressions of the very same demo, explaining the amazing character models in the dialogue. That is already a big step up from the Divinity Games.

The best part about the demo, in my humble opinion, is the amount of trouble that Larian founder Swen Vincke, the one who drives the demo, has gone through to establish the tricky combat system in Baldur’s Gate. The combat is highly similar to the chaotic combat system of Divinity 2, but it does not have the same unpredictable elemental explosions that end up getting me killed all the time. Could it be the fact that I am bad at Dungeons and Dragons-themed games? No, no way. If everything in the game goes as it is supposed to, we can start adventuring in Baldur’s Gate around August.