Backlash Forces EA To Remove In-Game Ads Added To UFC 4

EA’s track record as the most evil company in the gaming industry has been brought once again in the limelight after the company made a less than inspired move, which sparked heated debates among fans of the game on several high-profile forums.

For a limited amount of time, UFC 4 players were forced to watch several advertisements, with one being for Amazon’s popular series The Boys. Amazon released a second season recently, and the logo of the show is also featured in the middle of the ring during some matches.

Instant backlash

While ads were present in previous versions of UFC in the form of main menu tiles or logos, place in the middle of the Octagon, the decisions to enable video adds during the Replay section, which is present during and after matches, and the overlay section, were met with a barrage of negative feedback from players of the title.

Many players were angered by the fact that full ads are being played in a $60 title and by the fact that EA kept the ad integration a secret for  two weeks after the game was released so it would gain positive reviews.

Quick removal

As the number of complaints rose at an exponential rate, EA announced via statements on popular forums and press releases for some gaming news outlets that the team responsible for the game has listened to the feedback offered by players and disabled the integration into the Replay and overlay sections.

The statement also notes that players should have been informed in advance about the ad integration and an apology for any disruptions which were experienced when ads were available. It is also mentioned that the integration will be stripped completely, but that remains to be seen.

Players of other popular sports titles published by EA worry that video ads could surface in the future in their games.