Award-Winning Composer Chosen for Mortal Kombat

We finally know the composer that will produce the music from Mortal Kombat. We are talking about the award-winning composer Benjamin Wallfisch. The composer has a Golden Globe, two Grammy, and he is now nominated for Emmy and BAFTA awards.

Benjamin Wallfisch includes works as IT Chapter Two, Blade Runner: 2049, Shazam, Annabelle: Creation, and Hidden Figures. Also, Benjamin Wallfisch himself posted a twit with the Mortal Kombat logo.

However, besides the logo posted by Wallfisch, the writer of the Mortal Kombat reboot, Greg Russo, was the one who comments on this announcement. Russo is confirming the involvement of Wallfisch for the 20201 films (currently without a name). At the same time, Wallfisch won’t take part in the Mortal Kombat Legacy: Scorpion’s revenge. The last film will be a new MK animated film, and we would probably see it this year, somewhere in the half of 2020.

Award-Winning Composer Chosen for Mortal Kombat

Nothing official about what Wallfisch is composing is out. What we know until now is from the actor Lewis Tan, who said that the composer is working on something. We don’t know how it sounds, what is working on, and in what stage is his work. Looking at this critical move done by Warner Bros., it seems that the company is doing its best to be on top. The last video game movie didn’t go as planned, so bringing an award-winning composer, it’s a good sign.

Also, the response comment that Lewis Tan gives on Twitter about the Wallfisch logo post was that he is blown away by the music created for Mortal Kombat. Tan says that everything sounds powerful and cinematic, so we can imagine that we will hear high quality this time.

Finally, we are still waiting for a debut trailer for Mortal Kombat, and we could see it somewhere this summer if one producer of the show was correct.