Asteroid Threat – Multiple Space Rocks Will Whiz By Earth Today At 31,000 MPH, NASA Warned

The US space agency, NASA, warned, in another asteroid threat news, that earlier today that multiple space rocks will whiz by our planet today at about 31,000 miles per hour. There will be four out-of-our-world boulders that will fly close to Earth.

The first rock out of the four ones that travel near us today has passed at 6:25 AM UTC today, and the other would follow one after the other. Even though it sounds dangerous for us, these space rocks would pass at a safe distance, so we’re not in danger.

NASA keeps track of the Near-Earth objects, also known as NEOs. Accordingly, the US space agency is frequently releasing news about the space rocks that whiz by Earth. Sometimes, NASA can’t spot meteors or other small boulders coming from outer space. These create panic among people when they blow up in our planet’s atmosphere.

Multiple Space Rocks Will Whiz By Earth Today At 31,000 MPH

“Some asteroids and comets follow orbital paths that take them much closer to the Sun and therefore Earth – than usual. If a comet or asteroid approaches brings it to within 1.3 astronomical units of the Sun, we call it a Near-Earth Object,” stated NASA.

Keep in mind that we’re not under any threat now. NASA and ESA (the European Space Agency) keep an eye on any asteroid or space rock the flies near our planet. However, sometimes, some space rocks whiz by Earth undetected. That’s not always the case, but, on some occasions, these space boulders might be troublesome.

At the moment, our planet is safe from another cataclysmic asteroid impact like the so-called Chicxulub Impactor that killed the dinosaurs. At the moment, multiple space rocks will whiz by Earth today, but none of them would hit us. In the future, however, we might experience an apocalyptic impact, but, hopefully, NASA and ESA will have solutions to deal with that threat.