ArenaNet Teases New Guild Wars 2 Expansion

Guild Wars 2 has reached its eight anniversary, and ArenaNet, the developer of the game, has released two major announcements that will please the fans of the popular MMORPG title, which continues to enjoy a healthy player base.

The third expansion of the game, End of Dragons, will be released in 2021, taking players to a new location for Guild Wars 2, and one of the most popular regions of the original Guild Wars. New dragons will wage war against mortals, and players will have to stop them.

Dropping on Steam

In a surprising move, ArenaNet also mentioned that the popular game would arrive on Steam in November. Players who opt to purchase the Steam version of the game will be able to play with other players who enjoy the regular version in the US and Europe.

While the cross-platform feature is a great boon for those who wish to play with friends, the developer noted that there is no way to convert an ArenaNet account into a Steam account or vice versa, a fact which may disappoint some people who hoped to make a full transition to Steam.

New Skimmer Mastery

New and returning players have the opportunity to purchase the first and second expansion at a promotional price. By purchasing Path Of Fire, they will also gain access to Heart of Thorns, and a 50% discount is available by entering the code ANNIVERSARY50 on the official website store.

Those who have the expansion also have the option to start and complete a new collection, which rewards a new mastery for the Skimmer mount. The new mastery is a great tool for those who wish to explore the underwater areas of Tyria at a fast pace

End of Dragons has been teased earlier by the studio with an image being shared earlier in the spring, but most details remain elusive.