Apple TV Plus vs. Netflix vs. Disney Plus – Choose The Best One

Who had thought that life could become complicated when you have to choose between so many streaming services? Gone are the days when you watch only the programs and movies from TV. Now, the market is full of streaming platforms, free or with payment, with a lot of content and features. If you thought that the actual war was only between Netflix and HBO Go, well, now we have new adversaries. Apple TV and Disney Plus are now available on the streaming market from this moment, and now you will have to measure well what you choose.

Apple TV/Netflix/Disney Plus/Others?

With two newcomers, Apple TV and Disney Plus, Netflix will have a hard life. Indeed Netflix is now the most important streaming service, but things are moving fast, and a lot of big companies have thought the same, to invest and launch their platforms. Also, the two giants will not be the only ones battling for the supremacy of the video streaming service market. NBC is releasing Peacock, while Warner Bros’ is releasing HBO Max. So, we will have an official war between the new services, and we can’t wonder who will be the one that will survive this competition.

However, if we analyze Apple TV, the platform is quite small regarding the star names and the content. You will see Oprah Winfrey or Jennifer Aniston, but the shows aren’t from other networks. For Apple TV, you will pay $4.99 per month; meanwhile, Disney Plus costs $6.99. Disney’s library will include shows for children and Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney princess fans.

On the other hand, Netflix is not only streaming shows from other networks, but it has its shows. Netflix’s library has more than 5.000 shows, and it’s streaming worldwide. For Netflix, you are paying $13 per month and your local language, as well.

Finally, with all the streaming services, the war will start, and the question is who will survive. The three giants, Apple TV, Netflix, and Disney Plus, will battle for supremacy, but it’s all on the user and its preferences.