Apple Magic Keyboard Features Reviewed

Apple’s most recent device is the impressive Magic Keyboard, which is already praised worldwide. Now, iFixit offers a sneak peek into what the Magic Keyboard truly is, inside trackpad, keys, and much more. The iFixit report unveils the x-rays, which further help us understand the way the keyboard work. All the details and insights were published, and now we can take a better look at them.

Apple Magic Keyboard in the Spotlight: the Trackpad

We begin with the trackpad. The released report claims that the Apple Magic Keyboard’s trackpad utilizes a lever system with only one button at the center. So, no matter where you touch on the trackpad, the edges, the center, and the corners, you’ll still be clicking on a single button. The lever and its functionality are also significant. The lever is enabled when the user touches near the bottom, top, or one of the edges, forcing the contact plate in the center up to make a click happen.

One of the essential things found by iFixit’s report is that the trackpad was unexpectedly easy to remove. An excerpt of the report explains: “A little bit of heat and an opening pick got us past the adhesive holding it down, and now we can answer the question on everyone’s mind: how does this thing work?”

However, because there are lots of constraints due to the Covid-19 crisis, iFixit succeeded in taking a closer look only at the Magic Keyboard’s trackpad. At the same time, the report details that the trackpad of the Apple’s keyboard is the only part that can be easily disassembled, without causing any damages. So, until the full repair guides are released, the Magic Keyboard trackpad remains the only part that iFixit can entirely remove and realized a review. The rest of the components’ details and functionalities should be soon available.