Apple Blocks Downgrades to iOS 13.3 – Can Users Still Jailbreak their Devices?

The 13.3.1 version of iOS may have its downsides, but it still is among the best options for iPhone users. Perhaps with the arrival of iPhone 12, the guys from Apple will develop a much better and stable version of their operating system, but until then, we have to be thankful for what we have.

iOS 13.3.1 was released last month by Apple, and it brought some significant improvements to Screen Time and for the Mail app. Nonetheless, some users are still aiming for iOS 13.3 and wish to downgrade, but their desire is impossible since yesterday. On February 13, Apple stopped signing iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3.

Why would you downgrade?

Of course, common sense tells us that the latest version of a piece of software should be better than the previous ones. But downgrading your version of the operating system can bring you a series of benefits like getting rid of some pesky bugs. Also, those willing to jailbreak their iPhones are often returning to a previous iOS version.

A big wave of discontent from the iPhone users is looming, but Apple doesn’t show any signs that it wants to back down from its decision.

Is jailbreak still possible?

The jailbreak users are affected by Apple’s new decision, but hopefully, a new jailbreak tool for iOS 13.3 will be released this week, as the unc0ver team hinted. Otherwise, users won’t have the possibility to jailbreak their devices anymore since they cannot return to a previous iOS version.

Apple’s next step in the development of its iOS is to bring the 13.4 version sometime during March, but the version is currently under beta testing.