Apex Legends Season 5 Gets a New Feature

Apex Legends has gained popularity very shortly after its release in 2019. This video game is seasonal, which means that every new season brings new content into the game. So far, Apex Legends has five seasons, and with each season, developers have introduced a new battle pass, a new character, and some map updates. However, according to developer Respawn Entertainment, the game will also see a new feature. The upcoming feature is called the Season Quest, and we have more details about it in this article. Read below to find out more.

According to an official blog post, The Broken Ghost quest is about a very interesting journey that players will have to make. The journey is similar to a treasure hunter, where players need to find the nine pieces of a mysterious artifact. Apex Legends users have the option to collect a daily Treasure Pack during any game match. How does this work? The player gets these Treasure Packs; however, instead of this similar loot going into your inventory, you can use it during the match by default. This is really cool and helpful because it means that if you loos the match, the Treasure Pack will still be yours. These Treasure Packs are awesome because of their rewards. You can get all sorts of gifts, like Crafting Materials, battle pass XP, and Apex Packs, and even new Hunts.

What are these hunts? Hunts are missions that are available every week. You can go solo or with your teammates on a hunt in order to search through Kings Canyon for pieces of the artifact. However, these missions are not easy peasy. You will need to face great danger fighting strong enemies, such as prowlers, for example. However, upon completing a mission from a Treasure Pack, you have the potential to get your hands on a piece of the artifact. Having one of the nine pieces will get you closer to completing the quest, so go ahead and face these challenges.

But that’s not all about these special Hunts. By completing these missions, the player can also be rewarded with all sorts of gifts a story chapters. Now, these story chapters are also important because they will uncover some of the season 5’s bigger mysteries. According to the developer, once you own the complete artifact, you will “dive into the past and uncover a secret that the Outlands might not be ready for.”

Get yourself ready for the first Hunt on May 19, 2020. That means very shortly after the fifth season of the game is on. However, there is a trick in order to go on these Hunts. The players will need to collect five Treasure Packs in order to b eligible for the Hunt. A new Hunt will be available every week until the artifact is completed, which means nine weeks in total.