Apex Legends ‘Old Ways’ Event Is Live And Will Last For Two Weeks

The Old Ways event is live in Apex Legends. Therefore, the officials have released a trailer that demonstrates what the gamers should expect from the forthcoming event. The Apex Legends fans will be delighted with a two weeks event that presents a multiplayer game. The characters will be able to take control of the newly introduced plot, called the “Bloodhounds Trials.”

The purpose of the games is for each player to complete the trials. At the end of the missions, he will be granted access to the high-tier loot. To create an unforgettable experience, the company has developed the World’s Edge map. The upgrade is now displaying the arena where all the trials should take place.

About the new event in Apex Legends – Old Ways

The gamers will be granted with a lot more other items that they can collect during their missions. All of these new in-game items will be available for users to purchase in the shop. Their features and their design are inspired by the trailer that they displayed last month regarding the Old Ways Respawn.

Another impressive feature that the company is bringing is the return of the duos mode. It will be available on the original map, which is permanently becoming available starting with tomorrow. This news is bringing joy since the original official declaration claimed that the feature would be available only for a limited period.

The Old Ways event was launched recently and will end on the 21st of April. The gamers can access the games on many platforms. Either it is a PC, an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4, the game is widely spread and has several playing alternatives for its fans. Therefore, what is essential is to be prepared with all the technological concerns in mind, since this event will be of great interest worldwide for the Apex legends fans.