Apex Legends Might Arrive on Mobile Devices Soon

Almost a year ago, millions of players were rushing to play a new battle royale title that took the world by storm. Known as Apex Legends, the title brought a breath of fresh air on a crowded market filled with titles that attempted to be the next PUBG and Fortnite.

The successful title was developed by Respawn Entertainment, the famous studio behind the Titanfall franchise, and published by Electronic Arts. It has managed to gather a loyal fan base, and it is known as one of the Big Three, along with Fortnite and PUBG.

During a recent event, EA has announced that the game will offer cross-platform support soon. The decision was appreciated by many of the players since most multiplayer titles are more enjoyable when you play with friends, and the ability to play with friends who prefer a different gaming device can be quite handy. The announcement has also sparked a rumor as some voices anticipate that a mobile version of the popular title could surface at some point.

Apex Legends Might Arrive on Mobile Devices Soon

When PUBG was released as an early-access title for the release, many mobile gamers wanted to enjoy the excellent title on their devices. The thirst of the market encouraged many developers to release their own take on the popular version, with games like Garena Free Fire becoming a significant hit among smartphone owners.

However, the release of an official PUBG mobile version attracted more than 100 million users, and the game continues to be played by an impressive number of people. Epic followed the trend and offered a mobile version of Fortnite that is loved by many players of the game.

Both games were developed from scratch to take advantage of the features offered by smartphones, and EA will likely follow a similar approach for Apex Legends. The potential system requirements would represent one major downside since they could be quite high.