Android 11 Brings New Features

After months of waiting, Android 11 is now available for the public. The anticipates update is already available across a notable number of devices, including the Pixel range and several other models, including the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, and select devices manufactured by Oppo, Samsung, and Xiaomi

Google has been hard at work on the new update, and there are several features that make life better for smartphone owners, with some offering some pretty interesting advantages. It is likely that many smartphone manufacturers will release the update for a large number of devices in the following months.

Improved notifications

Android 11 elevates the importance of notifications and conversations. Conversations featured within notifications are shown separately, so it is much easier to spot and differentiate them. Several notifications from the same app are also grouped together to save space.

New security options

There also some notable changes related to security and privacy, as users will now have the option to grant one-time permissions to apps that want to use the microphone or camera. Permissions granted to an app that hasn’t been used for a while will also be revoked automatically to boost system security.

Record your screen

While certain smartphone manufacturers have bundled apps that offer the option to record the screen, the release of a built-in version of this feature will make lots of users happy. The experience of using the new function is made even better by the clean and easy-to-use UI.

Beautiful chat bubbles

While it is pretty obvious that this feature was borrowed from the popular Facebook Messenger, Google has done a great job at personalizing the mechanic, and the feature is quite fun to use, especially since it can be accessed while other apps are already open.

The full list of new features is more diverse,  and the ones mentioned above are some of the main highlights.