An Impressive Month for Xbox Game Pass with Fallout 76 at the Forefront

The list of new additions for the month of July has just been made available on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. There are a bunch of extra options for Xbox One players, while PC players get access to Out Of The Park Baseball 321 and to Fallout 76. Out Of The Park has joined the Xbox Game Pass catalog today, while Fallout 76 will only come out around Thursday, July 9.

This is extremely good timing for Fallout 76, which has just launched its first seasonal content deal with a game board that is full of rewards. Essentially, this content is a battlepass, although you can join to get the rewards completely for free. Naturally, you can spend some of the premium currency Atoms in Fallout 76 to get a little ahead of the competition.

Bethesda has also made an interesting release. They have a added a new trailer for this season, thus rounding up some of the new features that have been added to the game. Season one of Fallout 76 also adds a system called S.C.O.R.E.. Personally, as a casual player of Fallout 76, I have to admit that all the different progression systems there are in the game confuse me. Anyway, I am handling the same way as most people are probably doing: I am actively ignoring everything that does not look incredibly urgent to me.

The summer seasonal update is part of the Fallout 76 roadmap, organized by Bethesda for 2020. This so-called roadmap is going to bring new companions, quests, and a Brotherhood of Steel story to the Appalachian mountains. All of this will happens sometime during the end of 2020.

Now that Fallout 76 and that baseball game have been added, a few titles have to leave. The Xbox Game Pass for PC will remove three games in July: Dead Rising 4, Blazing Chrome and Metal Gear Solid 5.