Ambient Mode for Android TV’s Allows Support for Google Photos

Android TV’s are smart enough, but you know how things go in technology in general and in smart TV’s in particular: there’s always room for improvement. The Ambient Mode is a special setting that allows the user to decide what the TV will do when it’s not in use. It’s a useful feature when you just want to lie on your couch and relax, and it now receives even more love.

Plenty of Android TV users are reporting that the Ambient Mode is now picking up support for Google Photos. This is great news, as you can feast your eyes on Google Photos while you’re not using your TV.

The feature keeps rolling out

The Android TV Ambient Mode usually lets users select “Art gallery” for the rotating background. Users can also enable or disable Fine art, Earth and space, Featured photos, and Street art. But now some users can select “Google Photos” from the Google Home companion in the same way as while using Assistant Smart Displays. Thus, users can select specific albums or people, as well as “Recent highlights.”

The new feature of the Google Photos support will slowly keep rolling out for other users, and the best way to get your hands on it is to opt for the noblest virtue of all: have patience.

Android TV is a version belonging to the Android operating system created by Google for digital media players, TV’s, set-top boxes, and soundbars. Replacing Google TV, Android TV features a user interface that presents content discovery and voice search. It also showcases content aggregated from many media apps and services, and there’s also integration with other recent Google technologies like Assistant, Cast, and Knowledge Graph.

Get ready to admire your pics from Google Photos in a more relaxing way than ever with Android TV!