All You Need to Know About the Seedot Community Day in Pokemon GO

The release of the May 2020 Community Day event on Pokemon Go is drawing ever near, and fans are counting the days. This particular event will highlight Seedot, which is extremely good news for users that do not have Shiftry.

Most Community Day events were focused on outdoor exploration, but the celebration taking place in May 2020 will be a Play at Home edition. More information on the matter comes from Niantic. They have declared that it is time to get ready for yet another Community Day: Play at Home Edition. This will involve a Special Research Story, GO Snapshot Surprises, and even more features. During the event, the very first Community Day live stream will be tested. Fans were advised to keep alert for more notifications about the Community Day.

The Seedot Community Day will release on May 24 and start at 11 am. The event will then last for six hours, ending at 5 pm in local time. As the name suggests, a few lucky fans are sure to catch the rare Pokemon Seedot. What’s more, it will be Shiny!

To award the community, the players who evolve Nuzleaf, which is the evolved form of Seedot, into the even higher evolved form, Shiftry, will receive the Community Day exclusive Bullet Seed move, as long as the transformation takes place during the actual event.

Some other bonuses that players can win include triple-catch XP, a three-hour Incense, and some bonus items from Buddy Pokemon. These will be ranked Great or even higher. Niantic has also mentioned that players who take some snapshots during the event will get a yet-unknown surprise, and the shops will contain a special Community Day bundle. This bundle will have an Elite Fast TM, three Incense, three Lucky Eggs, and 30 Ultra balls, so it is quite a good deal and a great time to take up Pokemon GO again.