Alita Battle Angel 2 – Expectations, Cast and Plot

Disney is famous for producing high-quality cinematic productions that always put a smile on the faces of their fans.

One of their recent creations, Alita Battle Angel, is a unique entry to the company’s portfolio. It did well enough to deserve a sequel, especially profit-wise since it registered a gross amount of $404 million from box office worldwide.

Some say that the sequel would have an even more exciting plot, and we are here to tell you what you should expect from the potential sequel.

The first movie had a few mishaps here and there, but we believe that its potential is underrated for a different reason -The truth is we missed a lot of the story’s flair. The plot of the movie is based on a Japanese manga that has a lot more to give.


The first movie pictures Alita losing her boyfriend, a sad scene, nonetheless.

She was strong enough to act accordingly and perform outstandingly.

However, there is so much more to her story that Disney cand display – A return to her city of Zalem is a possibility, but there are many directions the plot could follow.


If the movie gets a sequel, we expect to see Rosa Salazar in the role of Alita again. Besides that, the cast should remain the same as in the first movie since it turned out to be a good combination.

Unfortunately, that’s all we can assume for now. If a remake is released, Disney will surely be careful not to repeat the minor mistakes they made in the first movie.

Stay tuned to learn whether a sequel is confirmed or not! We believe that it would be a shame not to see a sequel, but it’s up to Disney to make that decision.