Aliens on Mars – Renowned UFO Researcher Claimed That He Spotted ET Statues On The Red Planet


“I found two faces of actual aliens that once lived, breathed and walked on Mars,” wrote on his blog called ET Database, Scott C. Waring. His delirium builds up to the point where he claims, “we no longer need NASA to confirm such things.”

Pareidolia seems to be the smallest psychological problem of illustrious conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring. His new claims are that NASA is hiding the truth about a rock he believes is a manufactured statue representing “two lovers’ faces”. Aliens manufacture them.

He even comes up with a scenario where the male alien was so deeply in love with his alien lady, that he carved their passion in that rock wanting to live proof of it for future generations to come or Earth-people that would eventually go and live there.

The Renowned UFO Researcher Claims That There Are Aliens On Mars

“The fact that the two faces are squished together implies a more heartfelt bond; most likely, there two were male and female – mates. They created this statue to allow future generations to remember the love they felt. Or even a gift to show the female how much she means to the male,” he writes.

Somehow, Waring also sees the statue that isn’t a statue of a four legs animal, most likely a cat. “Another statue, but it doesn’t look like it is a statue, this one has a smoothness of the skin as if it’s a living animal,” sound like the words of a man in a psychotic breakdown.

There is another image that NASA has put “right on the freaking front page!” and that Waring recognizes it as the actual fossil it is and is entirely flabbergasted how could no other scientist but him have observed that it is an ancient fossil.

“There is no doubt in my mind that this is an ancient fossil. There it is, Mr. Warning. Your mind. Your lack of doubt is clearly the Martian Gods’ response to ET’s ancestors’ prayers.”