Alien Life on Mars Might Reside Inside A Recently Spotted, Mysterious Cavern

As NASA prepares to launch a rover to Mars soon, a recently unveiled photo of what it seems to resemble a cavern was spotted on the Red Planet. Such a discovery intrigues researchers and raises lots of questions. Alien life on Mars might reside inside that hole.

The cavern-like, an opening to an underground cavern, is partly illuminated. According to NASA, the hole is approximately 35 meters across, and its interior shadow angle displays that the underground opening is almost 20 meters deep. The cavern is situated on the Pavonis Mons volcano and was first discovered when the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured a photo of it back in 2011.

It is challenging yet to find any reason for the cavern, and researchers still got to perform a set of analyses on it. It’s quite intriguing, on the other hand, because such a finding could be the perfect candidate to hold alien life.

Mars 2020 would search for alien life on Mars

The cavern represents the “prime targets” for the next exploration currently. The Mars 2020 rover, which is scheduled to liftoff on July 17, will try to detect if there is any fossilized proof of alien life, in addition to other missions.

Upon its long-waited reach on the Red Planet’s ground on February 18, 2021, it will be added to the still running Curiosity rover and the currently dead Opportunity rover on Mars. The actual rover is not resembling, though, Opportunity at all, because it will transport the “first helicopter that will fly on another planet,” according to NASA’s plans.

The space agency’s long-term aim is to transport a human-crewed mission to Mars by the 2030s. Its chances are higher now than ever, as the researchers began examining much more space data than ever. Alongside NASA’s daring plans, stands SpaceX’s, too. How far will the two space agencies reach it remains to be seen.