Alexa and Katie Season 4 Rumors — Release Date and More

Alexa and Katie season 4 is probably going to happen! Everyone loves a sitcom with high school students. Alexa and Katie is a very popular show, and we can all see why. They are best friends. They are experiencing high school, and they are helping each other.

When is the release date of the new season?

Season 3 premiered on Netflix on the 30th of December. So it is a bit early to talk about a season 4. When it was announced, season 3 had a two-part story, both of them with eight episodes each. The first part was released in December. We are expecting the second part to be out this year, probably in June. Do not confuse the second part with the 4th season, because it is not the same thing.

Are we getting a season 4?

Netflix is known for waiting a lot of time before releasing a new season – some even take two years. And it is all because of viewership. If a show is a success, there will be more seasons. But do we know when? We will probably find out after the second part is released. It is not that much time to wait, so stay tuned!

Is the cast the same?

We know that Paris Berelc and Isabel May will probably reprise their roles as Alexa and Katie. We also have the same Finn Carr, Scott Wordham, Jolie Jenkins, Jack Griffo, Emery Kelly. But we may also get new guest actors coming in the new season. We all know the amazing cameos from the last 2 season, so we are eager to find who we will see in the following season.