After Life Season 2 Is On The Way – More Details Were Revealed

After Life season two and all you need to know about, it is written in this article. So take a seat and get yourself comfortable. But first things first! Let’s start with the After Life season one and have a quick overall review.

About the After Life Season 1

The comedy series runs on Netflix, and in short words, the TV show is about Tony and his sour life after his dear wife, Lisa dies. Before the death of his wife, Tony was a nice person, but all that changed after the tragic incident happened. His devastated after the way things go in his life that he even thinks about killing himself.

He, however, changes his mind and decides to live the rest of his life, making other people’s life miserable and not carrying about himself anymore. His new way of living is his superpower. Things start to stir once his family and friends decide to save Tony from his sour situation. The After Life series start running on Netflix on March 8, 2019.

Details on the After Life Season 2

You will be pleased to know that After Life season 02 will return to Netflix this year! Ricky Gervais posted on his twitter page the first glimpse of season two of the dark comedy. The upcoming season release date is April 24 this year, with the promise that the TV shows will only get better. We cannot wait to enjoy the new series!

The Cast

Gervais will still play Tony while Kerry Godliman takes the role of Lisa, his late wife. Ashley Jensen plays the nurse of Tony’s father, Roisin Conaty, as local prostitute Daphne. Diane Morgan and Tony Way as Tony’s colleague. Mandeep Dhillon has the role of a trainee journalist, David Bradley as Tony’s father.

Tom Basden plays Tony’s boss, Penelope Wilton, as widow Anne, while Paul Kaye is the psychiatrist. One person from season one cast team that is speculated to not return to After Life season two is Julian. We are waiting for the trailer to be released to find out more details about the After Life Season 2.