A New Theory about the Disappearance of Mars’ Water Comes from NASA

A new theory is coming from NASA, which says that they know how the water from Mars surface disappeared. The idea is that some giant dust storms are behind this problem. The giant storms have been the factor that constantly contributes to the following of the planet. And this phenomenon happened in time, and all the water from Mars was shooting up in space.

The Dust Towers Are Behind the Loss of the Ancient Water from Mars

NASA says that gigantic dust towers exist and have caused the loss of all the ancient water from the red planet. These dust towers have the power to take over the entire Mars’s surface, sweeping up the dirt and covering everything. NASA had the best example last year when a dust storm took over Mars, and the agency’s mission ended sudden. From there, NASA began to study the phenomenon and how it works.

More About The Water on Mars

The dust storms exist because they are renewing. Their duration can last even for three to five weeks, and it can exist in multiple towers of dust. What is interesting is the fact that these storms are looking the same as the ones on Earth. So studying the way the dust towers look, act, the duration and intensity, they thought that this phenomenon is behind Mars’ water evaporating.

Besides the study made by NASA, researcher Nicholas Heavens, who works at the Hampton University, lead another study which is found now in the JGR Planets Journal or the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences.

To sum up, the conclusion can’t be decisive right now, because further studies need to be done. NASA and other scientists need to find out more about the role of the dust storms on the planet. Also, they have two hypotheses about the phenomenon – the dust that is lifting from Mars is forming the winds, or that the dust storms appear like some hurricane, and it wrapped Mars in it.