A New Galaxy Bearing a Striking Resemblance to the Milky Way Found in Deep Space

The scientists have decided to use a smart gravity trick, which is supposed to help them locate a distant galaxy that bears a striking resemblance to our Milky Way. However, their recent research and current theories suggest that there is nothing to look for since such a galaxy does not exist.

New research suggests that our way of thinking regarding the formation and evolution of galaxies might be wrong. We are currently taught that when a universe is born, an unstable and violent process is involved, but this might not be true in the end.

The new study published in Nature on the 12th of August, the astronomers claim that all of their observations made with the help of Atacama Large Millimeter/ submillimeter Array demonstrate that the resembling galaxy has a wide variety of features that are alike with the ones of the Milky Way.

Given the fact that it took 12 billion years for the light of the galaxy to reach us, it is highly probable that the scientists are analyzing a galaxy that was formed no later than 1.5 billion years after the appearance of the Universe.

Other observations have led scientists to believe that after the Universe was born, the following period was a tumultuous one, since early forming galaxies war smashing into each other, and then forming enormous masses of stars. Therefore, there would not be any chance for them to settle down into neat.

However, the resembling galaxy that we are aiming to find, SPT0418-47, managed to do so. Francesca Rizzo declared that this discovery is an exciting step forward towards our beliefs about the formation of the Universe and the structures that we have analyzed until now in our vicinity. According to the Ph.D. student, the phenomena that we have been investigating were formed around 12 billion years ago.