A Nasal Coronavirrus Vaccine Will Be Tested In China

A new coronavirus vaccine is being developed in China. The country has approved first phase trials for a nasal spray vaccine. This is the first coronavirus vaccine that isn’t developed with needle injections in mind. Intranasal spray vaccines have been developed in the past for people who didn’t want to receive injections.

This vaccine is the 10th coronavirus vaccine that is being developed in China, with laboratories from all over the work being hard at work on the development of similar vaccines that could be approved and used in the following months.

Trial and error

One of the major companies who are working on a coronavirus vaccine, AstraZeneca, was obliged to temporarily suspend late-stage human trials due to the detection of a dangerous spinal cord illness in a patient who agreed to receive the experimental shot.

Several pharmaceutical companies who operate in China have released press statements that seek to appease concerned people who worry about the safety of the vaccines. In their case, the current trials have offered positive results, as the number of antibodies rose. The lack of adverse reactions is also notable.

More aggressive

Coronavirus could be even more dangerous than previously thought as a  new study notes that the virus is able to damage the heart of young athletes, a trait which is quite concerning. During the small-scale study, a team of researchers observed 26 young athletes who were diagnosed with the virus. Four of them featured signs of heart damage despite their excellent physical condition.

MRI investigations revealed that the four athletes presented signs of myocarditis. Two of them mentioned mild symptoms associated with COVID-19, while the other two were asymptomatic. Myocarditis was also observed in the case of other patients that have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past.

It is thought that a functional vaccine could be released in less than six months.