A Healthy Diet Will Decrease Heart Disease Risks

Weight loss has often been associated with lower heart disease risks, but a new study created by a team of researchers argues that a healthy diet has an notable impact on health in the long run.

The team also argues that being slimmer is helpful for your health, but not if the excess fat is dropped wit the help of extreme dieting or methods that rely on a weaker nutritional intake. A healthy diet can also lower risks associated with being overweight and pave the way towards a healthy and thinner shape.

By the numbers

People who have a high body mass index (also known as BMI) face a considerably higher risk of all-cause mortality in comparison to people with a lower BMI. It is estimated that more than 4 million annual deaths can be tied to a high BMI, and close 66% are caused by heart disease.

According to the new study, persons with a high BMI, or who have been deemed to be obese can lower the risks with the help of a Mediterranean-style diet, which has been proven to be quite healthy for the human body.

Healthy and nutritious

The Mediterranean diet is focused on healthy foods that are rich in useful nutrients, including fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes, high-fiber grains, olive oil and fish. Such foods over the body all that it needs and they are considerably healthier in comparison to red meat and processed foods, which are often encountered in the modern world.

More than 79,000 people participated in the study, which tracked people between the ages of 61 and 21. The results were quite interesting as overweight participants who respected the rules of a Mediterranean diet were the least likely to die, even when compared to participants who enjoyed a moderate weight and a healthy diet.

The study was published in a scientific journal.