A Dedicated Stick Could Bring xCloud to TVs


Microsoft’s focus on services, especially the Game Pass and xCloud, has been quite clear in recent months, and it becomes even stronger as the release date for the Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S continues to draw near.

Available on Android devices and coming to PCs and Xbox consoles at a later date, xCloud offers the ability to enjoy the entire Xbox Game Pass catalog with the power of the cloud, enjoying a high-quality gameplay experience as long as you have access to a stable internet or mobile data internet connection.

Coming to TV

While the games included in the Game Pass and xCloud’s performance are quite impressive, some people may not want to purchase a console or PC just for the service, and gaming on small screens can be quite difficult in some cases, especially if the UI elements are too small to be read correctly.

A surprising solution could come in the form of a USB stick that can be inserted into a TV and allow the device to run xCloud at the same performance that has made them popular cloud gaming service a hot hit among many users of Android devices.

Better than the competition

Google is already promoting Stadia as a feature of the Chromecast Ultra Stick, but the service is held back by the impractical subscription model and a low number of features at launch, a situation which hasn’t changed a lot since the service hit the market almost a year ago.

Since the aim of the Game Pass is to work on as many devices as possible, Microsoft has a clear advantage, along with the fact that all the titles developed by the first-party studios will be available on the service from day one, including the ones developed by Bethesda and other studios owned by Zenimax. More details about the stick could surface in the following weeks.