Here You Can Find the Latest Details about Frontier Season 4

So many have asked themselves if Frontier will soon receive a fourth season, and the answer is yes! The show can be found on Netflix, being amongst the most viewed series on the platform. The plot tells the story of the Northern American Industry, where trading was amongst the most popular practices. The action happens in the Decan Harp, being operated from the Fur Market.

Release Date

Up until now, there has been no official declaration from Netflix stating a concrete release date. The entertainer has publicly declared that the company is currently undergoing a rehabilitation period. However, we might not see the series as soon as thought, especially in light of the recent events and the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, the first three seasons can entirely be viewed on Netflix.


The officials have not announced anything yet regarding any new character that might be soon part of the plot. What we know for sure is that Jason Momoa, who is the leading actor that plays Declan Harp, will be back. In addition to this, he declared that he is currently located in Vancouver, where a wide range of scenes will be filmed.

However, season four will also feature less known faces. For example, Jessica Matten playing Sokanon will not be back on the series. Consequently, even though not too many details were revealed about this series, it seems that Frontier might be wiped off due to no time.

The storyline

The action portrays the 1700 American society, as well as the exchange in Canada. The main character is planning on creating a Crusade while working in the hidden market of Hudson’s Bay Company, an illegal and ruined business.

As far as the upcoming plot is concerned, there has been no release that could give us any clue about the producer’s idea.