3D Combat Will Dominate King’s Bounty 2

In today’s article, we will be taking a look at one of the most exciting upcoming games for all fantasy RPG fans out there: King’s bounty 2. This second installment in the series is daring and innovative, as we can tell so far. The game promises to take the well-known turn-based strategy series to an entirely different level, which will definitely not please most people. Oh well, if fans want to play more of the same thing, they have access to Armored Princess, Crossworlds, Warriors of the North, and even the controversial Dark Side. King’s Bounty 2 promises to be different from all these games. The game has a third-person camera, which is already a huge change. There is also a major focus on the RPG side of the game, so King’s Bounty 2 is bound to be different from its predecessors.

Recently, the developers of the game have made a developer blog, showing off their latest work in the game. They were especially proud of their newly-designed 3D arenas. These are immersive, as the flat battlemaps used in the previous installments do not take plenty of elements into account, such as height and creating advantages for attackers located on the theoretical high ground. 2D maps also do not provide the opportunity to block the line of sight entirely. Well, all these exciting new elements will be possible in the new King’s Bounty 2. In the recently released developer blog, it has also been explained how players can now level up units instead of having to replace their starter troops if you get emotionally attached to your minions. Now, elites will still appear in the game, but they will be extremely specialized, instead of being all-around titans and simply stomping everything around them. Well, here is to hoping that King’s Bounty 2 is as cool as it looks.